Friday, 23 April 2010

Wish sounds so much nicer than WANT...

There is so much in my lady spank-bank right now. So many pretty things that I am dying to be able to afford but just cannot at the moment. Instead, I'll consolidate some images into one blog post as a reminder of the things I currently NEED. (Ok, want... but shh.)

MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation
This stuff is worth 1000x its weight in gold. Easily the best face-based make-up product I've used. It glides over my combination skin and evens out my patchy-toned nose and cheeks. God I miss being able to afford this stuff...

Care Bear Hoodie
It says "Today is my Grumpy day". What more does a child of the 80s want in a retro hoodie?!

MacBook Pro
Humina, humina, humina.... why can't I afford one of these? They're just the ultimate in laptops for a media enthusiast. To boot, it's sexier than Penelope Cruz in stockings.

Irregular Choice boots
I am 99% certain that my life will not be as satisfying and fulfilling as it can be until I own these boots. Yes, it's shallow and needlessly girly (for me, anyway) but LOOK AT THEM.

Red Latex Gown by House of Harlot
Fap fap fap fap fap fap.... I don't think this needs any more than that as a description. Feels like a lifetime since I last went to a fetish club, but if I had the money I would purely justify this on its sex appeal. That and it is photoshoot-friendly.

I've just realised I could go on for several hours, which I don't know is a good thing. Maybe I have healthy ambition, or a strange delusion... I don't know. Either way, if Santa feels like dropping all of the above down the chimney later this year, would be tremendously grateful ;-)

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