Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Structured anarchy?

So, the move out of London and into a new city has been completed. Metaphorically it was fairly painless, but physically I'm fairly sure that I am still toll-paying. To be expected really. Or is it? Christ knows. The NHS still aren't exactly falling over themselves to help me, despite several desperate pleas.

Predictable whinging aside, I'm re-evaluating what I should be using my blog for, in attempt to actually encourage myself to use it more rather than trying to sift through the myriad of random fuffle that sometimes pours out of my head.

So, what can be expected going forward? Pretty much the same to be honest. Just constant chastising of myself when I don't kick my own ass to write more:

- Reviews. Music, films, kitchenware, make-up, sex toys. Anything is possible under this category.

- Diary. My own personal ramblings and documentation of life. Some of these might end up public, but for the most part they'll be for my eyes only.

- Blog. This pretty much has to be an umbrella term for all debate or opinion-based prose. Makes it easier than picking out three thousand specific terms like debate, poll, rant, waffle, etc.

- Model/Art. As it says, really. If there actually is anyone reading my blog, they'll probably already know that I idly take part in various hobby-like activities.

No doubt I'll completely disregard most of these and wind up just spewing forth whatever I feel compelled to do so, but the general structure is there and even if anarchy does take hold at some point, isn't that the fun of these things?

Add me to your read list, drop me a line. I'd love to talk.

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